Business Information

Why Register? Well, we organize dog and pony shows. We give you exposure and find you deals. We also set the right investment for your business that will produce greater capital for expansion and expand your market cap. We provide comprehensive strategies aimed towards growth. You also get a copy of the book “The Businessman’s Investment.”

Employment Registration

This offering gives you access to part-time and full time jobs. You also get to offer services when needed.

Delivery Service

Drop-off a package at any Gutes PSP Point and provide details of the pick-up person. We also deliver packages to any location.


Why invest at Gutes Leben Ltd? Well, we focus on earnings, because savings alone can’t get you to the "financial freedom class." We have provided our Private Placement Memorandum, so you can glance through our easy and comprehensive style of investing. Every investor seeks growth on an investment, and that’s what Gutes Investment provides.

Gutes Crowdfunding

Not everyone is rich and not everyone is poor. So, we all need each other’s help at some point to bring projects to life. Donors can offer money, products or services and in return, receive benefits. Let’s all help fund projects through contribution. If you have any project, this offering is right for you. Note that a donor’s fund will always be protected. You can donate with Bitcoin below.

Asset Trading

This is a sharing service for individuals who can’t purchase a property upfront. You can now collectively contribute or invest along with others, and become a part owner.

Our business is based on trust, and Gutes Leben Ltd won’t let you down.