Company Profile

Gutes Leben Ltd is a conglomerate company located in Accra. We are in the business of managing resources.

We came into existence to focus on finding more uses for money, give investors better yields and consumers better buy.

Our offerings solve few challenges. We have provided detailed information about the offerings which you can also find on our marketing letter.

Asset Trading

This is a sharing service available to anyone who wants to become a part owner of a property.

Waiting to have a millions cedi before you purchase a property is a good thing. But, those with little funds who contribute to become part owners won’t miss the two most important tools, that’s Time and Value.

When you contribute money little by little, just watch it and you will be amazed by the growth in time.

Employment Registration

This is for anyone who seeks employment, whether part-time or full-time. If you want to work one, two, three jobs at a time, then Gutes Employ should be your take.

Consumer Purchases

If you need to sell anything, maybe your inventions or products, or buy anything or trade an item for another item, then Gutes Leben Ltd is the place to be.


Do you want to raise money for a project?

Imagine you have no social media platform, then you will really need Gutes Leben Ltd to be seen.

Our crowdfunding platform gives you the opportunity to bring your project to life.

Finder Marketplace

Report any incident of you or anyone being ripped off. We will validate your report and find the culprit.

Someone must ask, why bother, who cares? Well, it’s important we do the right thing, because there is no good in hurting someone. You have to be your brother's keeper

Creed is the cause of crisis. Mismanaging resources for personal development and benefit can destroy you and hurt others. If your business is built on ripping people off, how long can that last?

Business Information Registration

This is also for distressed companies, businesses that need funding, companies that need strategies to stay on top, companies that need good management, and companies that need exposure.

Register with us and you will also get a copy of the book, “The Businessman’s Investment.”


We invest at reasonable prices and with a margin of safety. Also, earnings ratio, dividend yields and more are considered.

We manage effectively, efficiently and use resources very timely for the purpose of their delegation to produce an expected added value.

An investor’s input on how our money should be spent will be optional. You will always have a voting right.

Delivery Service

Individuals, whether buyers or sellers can drop-off packages and pick-up packages at any Gutes PSP Point. We also have an escrow service to protect both parties, that’s the buyer and seller.